Dec 2, 2007

10 Mile Radius

How many people cannot seem to get beyond their 10 mile radius of errands, school, church,work... yep, us too!! It was great this past week to have a reason to bust out of Corpus for a short time....and then get a different take on our secluded island.

Gav's parents (aka Gammie and Papa) came into town on Wednesday and are headed out on a plane right now. We picked them up in San Antonio...which gave us the opportunity to make our first official stop as a tourist in San Antonio. We visited the Alamo, took a boat ride on the RiverWalk and saw the festive downtown SA.

The rest of the time they were here, we came back to Corpus. Poor Papa had quite the "honey-do" list of fix-its around our home...for which I am so thankful. They helped us get the outside holiday decor done...and also our beautiful tree.
Saturday morning we went to our squadron kids party where Santa and his elf flew in on a T44 to bring the gifts. SUPER Cute!! I love to see the magic in the kids' eyes. Christian is at that magical age. Shane's still at the FREAKED out age!! We showed them our beaches, downtown Corpus, the Texas Surf Museum, and a cool park on the bay...just check out the slideshow!
We are just so lucky to have them in our lives and are glad to have a few special days with them. We miss all our family and friends...come visit!!


Annie said...

I love the difference between the magical age of Christmas and the freaked out age...Our ward Christmas party is this Friday - can't wait to see both :)

Jen I said...

That Santa flying in on a plane is so dang cool! Although he looks like he's about 20 years-old though! Fun Christmas tree - we have yet to put up our own Christmas tree - we're still milking these years before things get really hard for Ryan to be at home for a few weeks around the holidays!

Erika said...

i'm so glad you found me shawna! i love that you have a blog...and you need to tell me how you did your banner. i really need to change mine and have no clue how to do it! you can email me at
are you guys going to san diego for christmas? how are you liking corpus christi?

Jim and Debbie said...

Wasn't San Antonio great? I loved going there too. There's also a Six Flags there. We should go sometime! I'm sure Dixie would have a blast! :)
Love ya!