Dec 7, 2007

Creative Housekeeping

When I just cannot take another hand on my mop, or another tupperware thrown on the ground...and I just would like to complete a cleaning project, much to my better judgement, I give Shane his "wa-wa". Surprisingly, we didn't have any casualties...and my kitchen was clean for 10 hours!

Life as a mom...definitely not bon-bons and soaps (does anyone still watch soaps??)

If I only gave one child the attention they wanted, my whole day would be gone.

And yet I LOVE it!! It takes so little to remember why I do what I do. Just look at this face!!!


Joy said...

So cute...So that is what you have to do put the kid in the sink. I need to ty that.

Annie said...

Oh, I love it. This makes me so excited to be a Mom!!!!

Jen I said...

I love sink bath pictures. They are some of my favorites. That is a pretty creative idea. I remember when Cash was younger and I was trying to get ready and was putting makeup on and he kept bugging me, I just sat him in the bathroom sink. It was so novel to him, and held him well enough that he couldn't really squirm around that it worked out perfectly. And then he felt a part of what I was doing and was quite content. It's true. You have to get creative.

Travis,Taryn and Cooper said...

Cooper was super sad to see shane go today. I am so glad you guys live so close. Thanks for being so great!