Nov 24, 2007

Houston Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving morning:
5:30- arise, bundle up
6:15- leave for downtown Houston
7:00 hung out in WARM McDonalds
8:00 Ran a 5K with friends, Shirley and LUCy (Shout out to Lucy who is only 8!!!)
8:30 Finished race (now, mind you have to delete at least 3 minutes off my time as I was back in the pack!)
9:15 Christian ran his first RACE!!-- a kids 1K....Ok, it was SUPER cute! And he got a medal on top!
10 Went back to hotel to shower, check out and get some post-race grub...

The rest of the day we spent with my cuz, Deb, and her fam...including her parents that came in from CA. It truly was a wondrous time to be near family and feel a part of a bigger whole. It got me really excited for Christmas time, where I get to be with my family...including ALL my brothers and sister. This is a big deal since our family has been rocky, at best, for many of the last many years. And even more eventful because my bro, Joe, is coming home from his mission on December 28th!! We have missed him greatly. Our Shane got to meet him at his birth but hasn't seen him since he was a week old. YEAH for the holidays that make all of these great things happen.
Back to Thanksgiving...on Thursday I had several thoughts of the countless blessings I am grateful for. Here are a few:
1) I am most grateful that my husband is here with us. Being a part of military often means, deployments during this time of year. And for his presence and the promise that he won't have to leave us, I am so very thankful for. He is serving our country here in TX...doctoring up our brave pilots.
2)As one who has struggled FOREVER to be a mom, I feel so eternally thankful that I have been able to have my two boys. They bring Gavin and I so much joy and laughter. I love to see them growing and learning...even though it is sometimes mischievously. I would be a mom a million times over if I children are such miracles. Not to say, I do not HOPE and pray that I can have a girl some day. But for now, I am all about swords and wrestling!!
3) As I ran Thanksgiving morning, I could not help but be so grateful for a healthy, vibrant body. I love to be active and adventurous...and I recognize this blessing in my everyday life!
4) Where would I be without my knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father. Amidst all the challenges I have faced in my lifetime, my constant has been the overwhelming comfort of my Heavenly Father's love.
I could literally go on forever...but here are a few key ones!
We hope everyone else enjoyed some delicious goodness, over-endulged, and are enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend.


Ann C. said...

I love you!
aunt ann

The Badger family said...

Good for you guys running in the turkey trot. We were going to do that.... but we chickened out and just did our own outdoor family rollerblading adventure in our neighborhood. How are you all? Happy Holidays.

Jim and Debbie said...

Nans and Clan,
It was SO good to have you guys here for Thanksgiving! That was so much fun and it really made it feel like a holiday to have so much family here. Thanks for making the trip up. Love ya TONS!
Debs, Jim, and Dixie

Cheryl said...

Shawna and Gavin:

I loved seeing you run with your children, they are fond memories you will treasure. I think of the times we ran at the track in Oceanside and at the schools you have attended while growing up. I have to say I love the pictures of Shane sitting by the fireplace, I hope he likes the warmth and not the fire...little pryo.. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh as I think about the time at your house. Christian, Grammie is proud of you for doing well at running. A healthy body is a great feeling. Seeing you with your cousins was good also. Debbie is a good little mother and chef. Jim is a patient man when playing football with the little boys. Wow, you had a good Thanksgiving!!

I had to laugh at Uncle Mark sleeping on the couch....

Kristi & Lance Rondo said...

How fun Shawna. I'm totally jealous that you got to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I didn't:) J/K. I'm glad you all had a good time. Thanks for sharing your adorable pictures.

sarah starr said...

I love how blogs can bring us all together. Nice to see your family. Take care.