Nov 21, 2007

Reality Show Junky

I admit it freely...I love many reality shows. My latest fetish was The Bachenator (as Gav calls it). But I am also a hopeless romantic and was SOOO dissappointed with the finale. How lame is that? Why even have a show like that all to end up a single, loser dude. At least date one of them and let me think the romantic notion is possible. ARgHHHHhhh!!

To say the least, I was very disappointed. Well, at least we'll have American Idol in the new year. Some of these reality shows are lamer than the cartoons I have to listen to day in and day out....but there are a few that are very intriguing. And obviously, some produce real results...weren't there several AMA nominees who were AI alums.

Ok, I'll get off my reality high horse and go pack my stuff for Houston. We're going to spend Thanksgiving running a race and having yummy goodness with Debs and the fam!


Amber Bright said...

Wasn't that lame?!? He totally just wanted more business for his bar! :)

Anonymous said...

NO he is mental!! He DOES have issues...I am SOOOO mad. And to think I thought he was spectacular. I think the show will lose some loyal fans, such as myself, for next episode.