Nov 17, 2007

End of Soccer = Free Saturdays= No more Soccer

This morning was our finale soccer game for Christian. He had a fabulous season...and closed out the season with 8 goals against a team with players usually a head taller than most of our team!

He even got his trophy today at the Season-end Pizza Party. What a fun experience! I feel bad that my parents chose not to put most of us kids in more (or any, for that matter) sports....they missed out on these fun family experiences (not to mention, us kids were pretty gypped!) But, to think optimistically, we did learn how to work hard every Saturday morning!!

Here is the season video I put together for everyone.


Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

I am sorry that you feel gypped. We did what we thought would help you children get ahead in a world that is so competitive now. We also at first did not have much. You can always do better with your own children, just be sure they know how to work hard or you will have a hard time when your children are adults. The value of hard work is a priceless value. Ask you husband, how much he appreciates your help with what he does.

Anonymous said...

Christian is such a good soccer player!! He is getting so big.