Oct 14, 2008

Keep Austin Weird

This past weekend we went to Austin for the first time. Gav had a buddy from high school that was getting married there so it was a good excuse to check out what we had been told was the best city in Texas. The wedding was at a beautiful location on Lake Travis. It was such a good time and a blast from the past to see people Gav hadn't seen since high school. Austin is very cool...however, I beg to differ that has more to offer than some other places in TX. We visited the Capitol Building for quite a while. It was perfect for Christian who is studying Texas government. We also went to a cool place on Lake Austin for lunch. It was yummy food and a fun atmosphere...also included in the meal is losing Shane's flip flop in the water ...then spying it floating in the water after our meal was all done. The good news is it was fished out and salvageable. These type of occurrences are quite frequent when Shane and Gav are left to their own devices! We also visited the Austin Children's Museum...kind of bland compared to some we've been to. Then we went to some big park with a train that circles the park. It was honestly ghetto...but it really didn't matter because Shane LOVED it!! To complete our Austin tour, we sat on the Congress Street Bridge for 1.5 hours waiting for the thousands of bats to emerge for the night....all to vaguely spot a few bats sneak away in the dark. I guess our expectation of a huge migration was a little far-fetched. Good times in Austin. Gavin concluded that we have officially seen everything people had encouraged us to see in Austin and there is no need to ever return! We'll see....it does seem like a pretty awesome place for running...maybe a race still to be had there!!!


Camie said...

Sounds like lots of fun! It's always so nice to catch up with friends from the good ol' days.

erika said...

Hey I've been to Lake Travis too. I love Texas, and am jealous you get to live there! When are you coming to SD next? By the way we live in Scripps Ranch.

Lamont and Melissa Larsen said...

Glad you guys had some fun. Maybe you understand now why we were excited to move from Austin. There are some cool things, but overall not the place for me. Actually the capitol is about the best part-sorry I forgot about that. Is Gavin maybe interviewing in CO?