Aug 14, 2008

#7 for Christiano

Christian's Happy Birthday welcome from Shamu
Christian's favorite ride of the day!
Enjoying a break from the heat in 4D style.
That's not a booger on Christian's nose...just the remainder of his bike trauma.
August 7, 2001...I had been induced and labored all early morning with Christian having late decels on his heartrate monitor and my progression was decided to deliver C-section. I was disappointed and ill prepared. When they pulled him from my stomach I felt tears trickle down my face. I looked into Gav's eyes and saw a similar emotion. Our first baby!
Now seven years later...I am even more teary eyed when I think about Christian. We truly could not have asked for a better first born. He has been a dream child in so many ways. He is the apple of his daddy's eye...I see so much of Gav in him. He is an amazing student and athlete. And he is a great older brother and example to those youngerand some older. He is so brave and strong beyond his years.
This year we had a family birthday party while we were in San Diego. Then for his actual birthday, we spent the morning doing his pre-operation appointments at the hospital...and spent the rest of the day at SeaWorld San Antonio. He had a blast!

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-Ang said...

Aw gosh -you made me cry! Children are really so precious! Now if only I could remember that every second :). Be sure and save/ print this one.