Jan 4, 2008

"There's no place like home..."

...the journey continued...

There are many reasons to go to CALI. A few for our most recent visit were the return of Elder Uncle JOE ( the MAIN one), cousin wedding, see Gav's fam, surf, eat good food, see all the cousins, uh,surf....and to feel at home!! Seeing Joe was the highlight of our trip to CA...he is the epitome of a perfect brother. And 2 years on the mission just made him even better. We love Uncle Jo-Jo. Plus, it was a perfect way to see a whole bunch of family all at the same time.

Then we celebrated Shane's 2nd birthday on an airplane back to Texas ( much to Christian's dismay). We all miss that comforting feeling that being home in San Diego near family and life-long friends...and being near everything familiar...even driving down I-5 brings back great memories (pathetic, I know!).


Jim and Debbie said...

Hey Nans, You're becoming my new holiday buddy! I LOVE it! :) Thanksgiving... Christmas... we'll have to get Easter in for sure. :)
I love your pics, and I love reading your titles for them all. You're so good at that! :)
Love ya!

Cheryl said...

I have had a lot of people here in Utah and while I lived in California tell me that Joseph and Joshua look like their mother. That is true when I look at my younger pictures.
I love my family.