Dec 20, 2007

CAUTION: Objectionable Material!!

I apologize in advance for the embarrassment Shane will feel when he is about 10 years older and sees that his mom posted his manhood all over the blog... but we are so proud of our 1 year old potty training!
Thanks to the help of our friendly "Melmo"...Shane has taken a liking to sitting on the potty and going tinkle. Most men will probably sigh and run away from this post saying something like "YOU mothers!" or "isn't there anything sacred anymore"....but as a Mom, we take pride in our big achievements. Getting a kid to LIKE to potty-train is a momentous occassion in our Mommy life!
Priming the pump!
The Studious "Pee"er

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Jen I said...

Wow - that seems so young!! Nice work!